What About Dental Insurance?

Like any other insurance, dental insurance is essential to informed financial planning. There are honest insurance companies out there–the challenge is finding the right one.

We accept all insurance, but I do not sign any contracts that interfere with my professional integrity. I refuse to participate in preferred networks that require me to compromise my dental judgment. As if that wasn’t enough, some insurance companies have the audacity to bind the signing dentist into a non-disclosure contract.

What does it mean for the patient? Bare minimum, arguably substandard dental treatment that the patient is totally oblivious to. I listen to my patients’ opinions with an open mind, and take the informed consent philosophy very seriously.

Some of those insurance contracts may destroy my ability to be the best dentist that I can be. Thanks to my business consultants and my competent legal counsel, who stopped me in the nick of time from signing the first such contract. The devil was in the fine print!