Money Back Guarantee

Any reluctant dental patients out there?

I recognize that dentistry sometimes is painful. Fortunately, advances in technology and health sciences have taken some of the edge off the pain. However, for the majority patients, it remains a complex physiological and behavioral test–the pain is still there.

Nevertheless, I believe if I am gentle, understanding, steady, and not in a perpetual state of hurry, I can make your dental treatment bearable and comforting. I can make a different that you will notice. My patients, including youngsters, have complemented my tender hand and easygoing attitude. You as a new patient, offer the Our Dentist Comfort Challenge to me and my staff: if you are not satisfied, give us the reason for your discomfort and ask for your money back. We will refund your money, no questions asked!

For new patients only. Conditions apply. Call (972) 241-1352 for appointment and information. Void where prohibited. Fill in the details below and bring this page along with the coupon.

What is your concern today?